Acceleration Prosperity

Accelerate Prosperity is a global initiative of the Aga Khan Deveopment Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia which offers creative financial solutions as well as pre and post investment technical assistance to help grow early-stage businesses, startups, and innovative ideas.

What’s New

Accelerate Prosperity and Aga Khan University launch National Health Incubator (NHI) 2023

NHI provides customized incubation and subsidized debt financing services for innovative health-tech entrepreneurs from across Pakistan. NHI was launched in 2020 in partnership with the Aga Khan University to enable creation and growth of health technology and innovation in Pakistan. Since then, we have graduated 102 entrepreneurs and financed 8 startups.
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Our Services

AP focuses on providing customized services to entrepreneurs to enable them to launch or grow their businesses.  


We support early-stage startups and small and growing businesses (SGBs) and help them launch or expand their products or services through bespoke, one-on-one business coaching, foster networking opportunities and market linkages, and engage technical experts for specialized guidance as per determined need.


We help startups and SGBs accelerate their growth by providing them access to guided resources including distance-learning materials and one-on-one tailored business coaching and advisory, networking opportunities, and other support services through customized programs focused on achieving rapid growth and scaling.

Co-Working Spaces

We offer state of the art co-working spaces for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to facilitate innovation and collaboration. Through these co-working spaces, we are able to offer networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and ecosystem players, including external investors.

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We provide creative financing solutions for early-stage and existing startups and SGBs with flexible terms and conditions and highly subsidized interest rates.

Business Coaching

We provide tailored one-on-one business coaching and assist entrepreneurs in validating their business models through an investment lens and getting their businesses ready for unlocking external investments.


We engage successful entrepreneurs as mentors with experience in creating and growing successful business ventures in Pakistan and globally.

International Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Incubation and financing for ideas and early stage startups

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Venture +

Acceleration and financing for existing businesses with revenue streams

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Financing/ Investments

Tailored financing solutions for startups and existing businesses

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Co-Working Space

Coworking space for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs

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Our Impactreneurs

Our entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds and sectors aiming to disrupt both the local and international markets. In the last four years, AP has financed businesses from multiple sectors across Pakistan worth $1.85 million and has supported businesses to further unlock investments worth $7.95 million.

AP Impact

We aim to promote a thriving entrepreneurial culture with innovative,
sustainable and impact-driven business models that don’t have access to required capital and technical expertise.
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AP Footprint

AP works across Pakistan with startups and existing businesses from all sectors. It has built a network of promising business from top industries, including commercial services, agri-businesses, tourism, ICT, textiles, educational and health technologies, green solutions, tech enabled services and business process outsourcing.